Consumer Sensory Testing and Research

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A major determinant of an agricultural or food product's value is its consumer acceptability, which is often the major criterion whether a product is successful or not in the marketplace.

Consumer Sensory Testing & Research provides two approaches to evaluate consumer response: 

  • a scientific experimental approach to measure consumer response to food products providing statistically validated measures

  • a qualitative research approach through consumer interview to provide insight and interpretation of human choice 

These two approaches, then, provide objective and substantive data on which FIC clients can base product development and marketing decisions.                                                 





Get paid to taste test food - video link

If you are interested in receiving e-mail notices about future sensory taste tests to be held at the Food Innovation Center, please join our contact list. We conduct taste tests on many different products and are interested in your opinion.  Consumers are paid a cash incentive for their time.  Screening, qualification and selection is required for each test.  

To subscribe:

Please click on the link below and fill out the short questionnaire.  We have a strict confidentiality policy and will not give out your personal information for any purpose.


The Consumer Sensory Testing & Research Program Mission is to serve clients as a nexus, or relational operation point, where input and output are people oriented. Client-driven projects are addressed by sensory measurements and assessments of consumer’s food choices with the resulting data returned to clients to improve food products for consumers.


For further information contact:

Ann Colonna - Sensory Program Manager

P: 503 872-6677 | F: 503 872-6678

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