Advancing Foods in the Northwest and Beyond

As one of Oregon State University's Agricultural Experiment Stations we provide technical, creative and educational service to food industry, entrepreneurs, and Northwest communities, with a focus on quality, safety and sustainability.

The Food Innovation Center honors the contributions of Black, Indigenous and People of Color in agriculture and food. We are working and ready to support you.

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Simple Technologies Coming Back in Snack Processing

“Snack foods continue to evolve,” says Sarah Masoni, director of the product and process development program of the Food Innovation Center at...

Stephanie Brown and her puppy Hazel

Worried about food safety? That’s Stephanie Brown’s job

Stephanie Brown has a pretty simple work rule. “What I like to think about is think of how many times you have eaten food and haven’t gotten...

Taste tester

Taster Testers Need for OSU's Food Innovation Center

Become a taste tester at the Food Innovation Center

Image of the front entrance of the Food Innovation Center in Portland, Oregon

Safe food? Shelf life? Thank the Food Innovation Center

Dr. Marcia Walker recently spent years working with big food companies. But she’s now the director at the Food Innovation...

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