Benchtop Product Development

benchtop product development

We provide client-oriented, interactive, and hands-on product development work. Our services assist entrepreneurs, food processors, and food producers with technical expertise to formulate food products for market testing and sale. Development work can range from:

  • An idea that needs to be developed.
  • A home-developed recipe that needs improvements.
  • A quality issue that needs to be overcome.
  • Finding replacement ingredients for a recipe using all natural and organic ingredients.
  • Processing and production improvements.
  • Shelf life development.

Our staff will work with you to outline a scope of work for your project. You can choose to be on site when the development work is being performed or you can come in at defined project times to evaluate the development work.  We encourage our clients to be as much a part of the project as they desire.  

The FIC has a product development lab, analytical lab, processing lab, licensed kitchen, temperature/humidity chambers, cooler and freezer storage rooms, and other processing and packaging equipment to assist in our product development work.  

For more information contact Sarah Masoni.