Food Ideation

Our product development team offers intensive and creative group ideation sessions to help your team generate new product concepts. We will work with your team to develop innovative and exciting ideas for new products, product line extensions, or existing products that may need refining. Your session is intended to be a group exercise that will inspire thought, and will lead participants to explore potentials for new product ideas. Together, we’ll develop ideas and concepts that meet the needs of your company.


The Ideation and Brainstorming session includes: 
  • A grocery store audit that assesses different demographics. We will present findings that address existing products, growth potential, consumer needs, and potential concepts for development.
  • An overview of your company’s current product line with specific focus on room for growth.
  • An ideation and brainstorming session that explores creative possibilities and ideas for new food products.
  • and, a final report that will detail the entire process and will help guide your team to the next steps of development.


Project costs vary, depending on scope of work. Call 503-872-6680 to schedule a consultation.