Food Quality Analysis

Accurate food quality analysis is needed for successful product development. We can help you determine the right formulation, choose the perfect package, and find out if your food products are ready for shelf life testing. This baseline food quality testing supports you in your continuing product development work.  


We provide the following quality analysis testing services: 
  • pH Analysis
  • Water activity analysis 
  • Brix level analysis
  • Color measurement
  • Texture test - including firmness, tenderness, chewiness, crunchiness, gumminess, elasticity, shear strength, and custom texture testing.
  • Viscosity
  • Turbidity/cloudiness
  • Headspace analysis for CO2, O2, and N2 gases.


Food quality analysis costs vary, depending on scope of work. Call 503-872-6680 to schedule a consultation or to obtain a Sample Analysis Request form.