Culinology® is the combination of culinary arts and food science. At the Food Innovation Center, food companies work with our product development team to design a Culinology® event based upon the specific needs of your company. Our Culinology® program is intended to potentially help your team develop innovative and exciting food applications for ingredients, expedite product development, and gather important sensory feedback from a diverse panel of guests.


Culinology® events may include:

  • Concept development across multiple food categories.
  • Food Prototype development and presentation.
  • Benchtop Sensory and consumer research .
  • Discussion panel with a diverse audience.
  • Reports detailing  the process, including: recipe formulations, nutrition data analysis, and discussion notes to help guide your team to the next steps of development. 


Project costs vary, depending on scope of work. Call 503-872-6680 to schedule a consultation.