From this page you may download the manual to see if this type of information will help you and how the Market Research for Market Readiness  Protocol works. You can view or download an example report on the introductory page. There are also videos that demonstrate how you create the questionnaire ballot based on your entries in two worksheets of the Excel workbook, and how those same entries set up the DATA entry in another worksheet in the workbook and how the data can be entered most easily.

To get the Excel workbook you will need to fill out a short survey. The survey will ask a few questions about you and how you intend to use the survey. It will request an e-mail address where we can send the Workbook and send you information about updates. It is free of charge for your personal use or by organizations assisting food entrepreneurs and farmers. This will ensure that we can evaluate our program, and that you will receive the latest version of the workbook.  Go to Survey

Download the Manual

Watch the Videos 

 Click through to each video to watch it in a large format. 

Introduction to the Market Research for Market Readiness tool (MKTRD)


MKTRD Ballot Creation - Question 1


MKTRD Ballot Creation - Questions 2-6


MKTRD Ballot Creation, page 2 - Questions 7-8


MKTRD Ballot Creation, page 2 - Questions 9-10


MKTRD Ballot Creation, page 2 - Questions 11-14


MKTRD Data Entry Ballot, page 1


MKTRD Data Entry Ballot, page 2