Catherine Durham

Emeritus Marketing Economist
cathy.durham [at]

Office: (503) 872-6680

Fields: Agricultural Marketing, Consumer Economics, Demand Analysis

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Cathy’s research focuses on how marketing activities and product characteristics affect demand for foods and beverages. Research findings are extended to help producers and processors, commodity commissions, and others evaluate strategies to increase demand for their products. Other activities include examination of food industry strategies for promotion and feasibility studies.

Current Research Activities

  • Integrating sensory and economic analysis to determine potential premiums for value-added attributes.
  • Using a fractional model to investigate purchase intent and willingness to pay.

Outreach & Extension

The Market Research for Market Readiness (MKTRD) Protocol is designed to help entrepreneurial food makers and value-added farmers evaluate the products they are developing for market.

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Affiliated with: 
Food Innovation Center