Food safety at the FIC

Food safety is a critical requirement for any food company — you are responsible for the safety of your food products. Education and training assists your company in understanding the laws and regulations that need to be met for manufacturing your food products. We partner with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to provide food safety education and training that meets food regulation requirements.  Our program provides basic training in food safety, GMPs (good manufacturing practices), and advanced training for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) food regulation requirements. After training, you’ll be able to identify preventative controls that will enhance food safety in your facility. 

Basic Food Safety Training

Fridays@FIC, our beginning workshop series serving food entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry members, teaches basic food safety laws and concepts.  

Advanced Food Safety Training

The Food Innovation Center can host multi-day workshops that train participants and allow them to obtain an FDA certificate in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)--Preventive Controls for Human Food practice. Our instructors are certified through PCFSA application selection and training.  


Attending the Fridays@FIC workshop is $110. Advanced food safety training costs vary, depending on scope of work. Contact us at 503-872-6680 for more infomation or to register.