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Office: 503-872-6655

Sarah manages the Product & Process Development Team, working intimately with food entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized food companies to help them create foods and beverages focusing on specialty foods across the Northwest. Sarah has over 30 years of experience working in the food industry including quality control and assurance, research and development, product scale-up, ingredient sourcing, ideation, product evaluation.  Sarah also teaches entrepreneurial classes at the FIC, across the U.S. and internationally.  

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Food Innovation Center

Bachelor of Science in Art and Food Science

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hot dog ice cream.  Photo: Museum of Ice Cream

“It’s hot dog-flavored soft serve ice cream in a pink bun,” Bunn said. “We worked with Sarah Masoni, a food scientist from Oregon, to write our Ode to the Dog from Chicago.”

Image of hand holding cone of Beaver Classic ice cream sold from Beaver Classic food truck in background

Some people have ice in their veins. Sarah Masoni’s got ice cream in her blood.

Authenticity is “the biggest key for consumers,” said Sarah Z. Masoni, product and process development manager at the Food Innovation Center at Oregon State University.