David Stone

Dave.Stone [at] oregonstate.edu

Office: 503-872-6656

Food Innovation Center

Food Innovation Center Suite 154

Food Innovation Center 1207 NW Naito Parkway

Food Innovation Center
1207 NW Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97209

Dr. Stone directs the Food Innovation Center, collaborating with diverse audiences to help advance the food industry, entrepreneurs, and communities, with a focus on quality, safety and sustainability.  General interests include food safety and toxicology, development of value-added products in agriculture and engagement with under-represented communities in the food sector. Current research interests include international agriculture, sanitizer efficacy and reuse of agricultural by-products for sustainable products. 

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Food Innovation Center
Courses Taught: 

Food Safety Modernization Act Trainings

Emerging Technologies and Food Innovation Workshops

TOX 360: The World of Poisons

TOX 435(H)/535: Genes and Chemicals in the Environment: Value and Risk

TOX 507/607 (rotating instructor): Graduate seminar


B.S. - 1994 University of Texas at Austin, Zoology

M.S. - 1996 University of North Texas, Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. - 2001 Oregon State University, Toxicology

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