Quality Analyses

At the FIC we strive to provide accurate and relevant food quality analyses for our clients. If there is a quality analysis you would like to see performed at the FIC please submit this contact form for more information.

Here is a list of the services we currently provide:

  • Water activity
  • Brix (sugar content)
  • pH
  • Texture
    • Firmness/tenderness
    • Chewiness/gumminess
    • Shear/strain
    • Crunchiness
    • Custom texture testing
  • Turbidity (beverage cloudiness)
  • Color (L*a*b*)
  • Viscosity
    • Bostwick
    • Brookfield
  • Headspace Gas Analysis:
    • CO2
    • O2
    • N2
  • Microbial stability
    • Aerobic plate count
    • Yeast and mold
    • E. coli/coliforms
  • Rancidity Testing
    • Peroxide Value
    • Free Fatty Acid analysis


Food quality analysis costs vary depending on scope of work and the number of samples. Complete this contact form form more information.