We take Intellectual Property protection seriously. We won’t disclose our working relationship if you would prefer to keep that secret. Here is a selection of some of our clients that wanted to highlight our collaboration:

"The Food Innovation Center [and Jason Ball] were instrumental in helping us understand how to improve systems for product development and streamline operations for commercial kitchen production. The food safety coaching at the early stages of Barnacle Foods was key to the planning of our business and continued growth."

~ Lia Heifetz, Co-Founder, Barnacle Foods

Barnacle Foods

Jason, Mike, and Sarah at the Food Innovation Center have single-handedly made our federally-funded clinical research trial possible. We are studying a new dietary supplement to improve sleep. In our initial pilot studies, the supplement tasted so bad that we urgently needed a way to make it more palatable for participants. The FIC team met with us in their Taste Kitchen and helped us brainstorm some great ideas within the parameters of our study. The bitterness and large quantities of the supplement ingested were incredibly challenging for masking the flavor, not to mention also needing to keep the flavoring options low-calorie and allergen free. Jason and his team came up with creative, groundbreaking new chemistry solutions (involving butternut squash and monkfruit powder, among other compounds), which created a palatable product. They also connected us to reputable ingredient suppliers, as well as a local professional packaging company to help us mix, package, and label the n=33,000 individual doses needed for our clinical trial. This team is phenomenal -- we would not be where we are without their expert services. Thank you!

~Miranda Lim, MD, PhD, Portland VA and Oregon Health & Science University (

Oregon Health & Science University

Department of Veterans Affairs

"The Food Innovation Center continues to be a cornerstone in Keto Pint's research, development, and execution process and has helped accelerate our organization's ability to innovate and successfully launch consumer driven products. Most notably, the Food Innovation Center provided the team's expertise in developing Keto Pint's original ice cream formulation and ice cream flavors upon launching our first product line in November 2018. Further, the Food Innovation Center has made numerous connections that has allowed Keto Pint to flourish including connection to co-packers, ingredient suppliers, flavoring houses, grocery category managers, and more. It is safe to say that without the Food Innovation Center, Keto Pint would cease to exist."

~Chris Spencer, Keto Pint

"Sarah, Jason and the Food Innovation Lab were exceptional partners in bringing my vision for Retreat Foods to life. Their expertise in product development, ingredient sourcing, supply chain, and production ensured I was getting a final recipe that not only tasted delicious, but was ready for market in terms of working with the best, all-natural ingredients and stable, reliable suppliers at sound prices. Our product was a challenging one: Sarah, Jason and the team worked strategically and tirelessly to develop recipes that taste absolutely delicious, completely free of processed additives, and unlike anything in market right now."

- Cori Sue Morris, Founder & CEO, Retreat Foods (

In 2016 we came to the Food Innovation Center with nothing more than a recipe for our Mom's Hot Chili Sauce that we had been serving at our restaurant, Tan Tan Cafe (now in it's 23rd year!). Thanks to Sarah Masoni's genius, patience and support, we walked out with two more shelf-stable sauces, which led to eventual launch of our sauce trio. Working with Ms. Sarah and the FIC was such a valuable learning experience as well as an opportunity to really understand how to make these sauces natural, clean and sustainable. The tools that we learned with Ms. Sarah and the FIC have provided our family with a solid foundation for growth and scaling in a very thoughtful way. Tan Tan means New Beginnings and our family sincerely appreciates Ms. Sarah and the FIC for being an integral part of this "saucy" adventure!

~ Lisa, Tan Tan Cafe and Delicatessen