Innovative Research


The Food Innovation Center was behind the development and use of dulse, a red alga that grows in the northern Atlantic and Pacific coasts, as a valuable food product. Read more about The Next Big Thing: Sea Vegetables.  


The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Lab provides food industry growers, processors, producers, and distributors with education, lab testing services, and research activities for adapting and deploying RFID technologies and systems.

Education is delivered through RFID workshops, webinars, hardware and software demos.

Lab Testing Services:

  • Tag placement optimizations
  • Pallet configuration optimization
  • RFID tags and readers' performance tests on various food products
  • RFID application development
  • Customized tag services for Slap-and-Ship applications

Research work is focused on development of RFID-enabled tracking and tracing systems to improve quality, productivity, and the safety of food products.

RFID Learning Module