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Oregon has four native, world-class culinary species of truffles, more than any other part of the country.  Stephani Gordon / OPB

OPB presents "Superabundant".

Take a few minutes to consider a difficult question: “What do vanilla ice cream and ranch dressing have in common?”

Things have to change so humans and our planet are healthier, says Oregon State University food innovator David Stone.

Last week, the OSU Food Innovation Center team and several members of their advisory board volunteered at the Oregon FoodBank. Big thanks to Katie Pearmine and Sharon McFadden and the staff at the FoodBank.

Incredible things happen through teamwork!

Discovery clears way for clinical trial to treat devastating neurologic disorder

Sharing the expertise of the FIC Product Development team with food manufacturers and food service companies to spread awareness about the versatile hazelnut.

Ever wonder why so many new, delicious foods are developed in Portland Oregon? Get the inside scoop here!!


What is involved in creating a new food product?


The results were detailed at Seafood Expo North America in Boston on March 21 by Ann Colonna, sensory and consumer program manager at the Food Innovation Center in Portland, an off-campus Oregon State University (OSU) experiment station.

Jason Ball and David Stone serving samples at Foodex Japan 2017

Oregon agriculture found itself right in the middle of Asia’s largest food and beverage show in Tokyo this March, and the local companies participating in the four-day event believe it was time well spent.

Sarah Z. Masoni, from the Food Innovation Center at Oregon State University says, “Authenticity is the biggest key for consumers. They want to know who’s creating their food."

Starting this year, Herlinger wants to fill those under-filled shelves with the latest Portland food brand to go national: Ruby Jewel's ice cream and cookie concoctions.

Know Your Fruit, a single origin, freeze-dried fruit snack brand, will be breaking ground on its Puff FactoryTM, an innovative freeze-dried fruit manufacturing facility, as part of...

David Stone, an Oregon State University public-health toxicologist and communications expert, is the new director of OSU’s Food Innovation Center in Portland.