Sensory & Consumer Testing

Sensory Testing


Consumer acceptance is key in determining a food or agricultural product's value, and forecasting its success in the marketplace.

The Food Innovation Center's Consumer Sensory Testing & Research services evaluate consumer response by: 

  • using an experimental approach to measure consumer response to food products providing statistically validated measures.

  • using a qualitative research approach through consumer interviews to provide insight and interpretation of human choice. 

These two approaches provide objective data on which FIC clients can base their product development and marketing decisions.

Resource and Testing Focus

  • Difference Tests: Which sample is different?
  • Preference/Acceptance Tests: How much is the sample liked? Which sample is preferred?
  • In-home use tests: evaluation of product use in home environment.

Qualitative Research

  • Focus group sessions: Consumer discussion of product concepts.
  • Individual interviews: Product concept and use discussions with individuals.

Consumer testing can be done on site, at the Food Innovation Center, and off site. Off site locations include restaurants, stores or other public venues.