Market Research for Market Readiness (MKTRD) Protocol

Taking the market readiness survey

The Market Research for Market Readiness (MKTRD) Protocol is designed to help entrepreneurial food makers and value-added farmers evaluate the products they are developing for market. This tool is based on consumer testing and will enable you to:

  • evaluate the sensory qualities for your product;
  • investigate how much consumers will pay;
  • get new marketing ideas;
  • demonstrate your market readiness to retailers and investors.

Because the MKTRD consumer test will be self-executed it will cost substantially less than professional testing.  

MKTRD materials include a manual, an Excel workbook, and several training videos.  The manual describes a set of procedures to conduct and report on a consumer test. The consumer test design and analysis and reporting  is made easier by use of an Excel® workbook. As you create the survey ballot within the workbook, it automatically sets up a worksheet where you enter the data. Once the data is entered, the workbook produces all of the figures and tables for your own evaluation and that can be incorporated in a sales pitch, business plan, or feasibility study.

If you have any questions about Market Research for Market Readiness please contact Cathy Durham.